Who We Are And How We Got Here….
GameAthlete.net is a community for online eSports competition. Gameathlete was created to provide a platform for e-athletes to compete. The video game industry has surpassed both the movie and music industry and has grown to become an industry worth more than $56 billion in revenue. As the demand for gaming increased so did the demand for platforms that provide a competitive canvas for competition. GameAthlete was created with the competitive player in mind. Gameathlete host free competitive community leagues and also competitive leagues that off cash prizes. (Registration Fee required).

Who do we service?
Casual Competitive Gamer – You love to compete…but you also have life obligations (marriage, work long hours, etc.) For the casual gamer we offer free leagues and tournaments.
Corporate Event/Private Event/Birthday Party – You’d like to setup an event contact us to discuss how we can assist. Video games are great for team building…a happy employee is an engaged one!
Pro Gamer – You’re in it to win it $$$$. We host competitive leagues for players that love to compete at the highest level.

Benefits Of Gaming
From the outside in it looks like it’s all fun and games but when you take a deeper dive there are numerous benefits to gaming. Here’s a list of a few:
*Mental Health Benefits
*Social Connections
*Video Game Careers
*Improved Problem Solving Skills
*Improved Visual & Spatial Skills
*Improved manual dexterity & increased brain gray matter

Check out these articles from legitimate sources regarding the benefits of Video games: