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Boxing Community Eagerly Awaits Nextgen Boxing Game

It’s been 6 years since the release of Fight Night Champion and the boxing community is eagerly awaiting. Fight  Night Champion was an in depth realistic boxing simulation that offered a solid single player mode and stellar multiplayer mode. The game was as close to flawless as you could image. Boxing fans are on the edge of their seating waiting eagerly for the first NextGen boxing game.

Top 5 QB’s To Watch In Season #3

  1. Aaron Rodgers (Packers) – 39 TD’s – Rodgers lead the league in Season #2 with 39 TD’s. Will he be able to lead his team to a second Super Bowl title in Season #3?

  1. Brock Osweiler (Texans) – 37 TD’s – Coach SportsGamer2010 is not the player that we was a few Season ago. We predict that this QB will continue to put up impressive numbers in Season #3.

  1. Matt Ryan (Falcons) – 33 TD’s – The Falcons are always a threat in the air and we expect nothing different in Season #3.

  1. Andy Dalton (Bengals) – 32 TD’s  – Andy has been the silent assassin. Now that he is on the radar teams will look to make adjustments against the Bengals passing game in Season #3. We’re interested to see what type of numbers Dalton puts up this season.

  1. Andrew Luck (Colts) – 31 TD’s – Luck is a very dynamic QB who is very difficult to contain and we except to see this reflect in his Season #3 statistics.

Top 5 Running Backs In Season 3

Going into Season #3 here are 5 running backs that you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

1.) Seahawks – Laqwan Bell (BellyBuckz) (1,781 yards , 10.5 avg , 26 TD) – Bell’s yards per carry show how deadly this running back is every time the ball is in his hand. This guy is only 24 years old!! Look for huge things coming from Bell in Season #3.

2.) Bengals – Joe Reed (dirtybirdBONE) (1,559 yards , 4.6 avg , 21 TD) The Bengals may have secured the best free agent in off season history with the acquisition of Joe Reed. Reed ranked #2 in rushing yards in season #2 but with 336 attempts will the Bengals be able to feed him  the ball enough to duplicate the numbers that he produced in Season #2.

3.) Buccaneers – Todd Gurley II (Greenranger_MSU) (1,121yards , 6.0 avg ,15 TD) – Gurley has been quiet but consistent. At 24 years old Gurley’s future looks bright in Tampa bay.

4.) Vikings – Adrian Peterson (MPTigerpride77) (1,056yards , 5.6 avg ,10 TD) – Peterson is still ranked within the top 5 running backs even at 33 years of age.

5.) Texans – Lamar Miller (SportsGamer2010) (1,036yards , 5.7 avg , 10 TD)  – Miller seems to improve every game and many experts predict that Millers numbers will continue to increase in Season #3.

“It’s A Family Reunion” Seahawks head coach (BellyBuckz) to face his brother Browns head coach (SHOWTIME401BOXER) in Super Bowl #2

Congrats to BellyBuckz (Seahwaks) and SHOWTIME401BOXER (Browns) for reaching the season #2 Super Bowl! This game features the leagues best defense (Browns #1 in the league with only 2,111 passing yards allowed ) against the leagues most explosive offense (Seahawks #1 in the league with 37.6 ppg). What is even more interesting is the controversy behind
Passing Offense: Seahawks #18 with 3,587 passing yards. | Browns #32 with only 2,475 yards passing (It’s no secret that the Browns like to run)
Rushing Offense: Seahawks #1 with 2,769 | Browns #3 with 1,928 (We look forward to seeing the Super Bowl running yards stats from this game since there was so much controversy behind which of these teams had the better run back this season. Laqwan Bell (Seahawks) #1 in the league with 1,781 rushing yards vs. Joe Reed (Browns) #2 in the league with 1,559 rushing yards. )  
Rushing Defense: Seahawks #2 in the league with 849 yards allowed  | Browns #6 with 1,052 yards allowed
Passing Defense: Seahawks #15 with 3,587 yards allowed.  | Browns #1 with 2,475 yards.

The Anthony Davis Trade……

We’re not even a week into Season #7 and the drama has already began.  Anthony Davis was traded from the Pelicans (Snoop_isthe_name) to the Cavs  (Key_So_Retro) for Tristan Thompson.  There are a few players in the league that are upset about this trade but after further review this trade still doesn’t make the Cavs the best team statistically. Statistically,  Golden State is still a better team (Not to mention AfroSamarai1 currently leads the West with a 4-0 record.) The question to be answered is why would the Pelicans (snoop_isthe_name) trade away their highest scorer? Hmmm, suspect?! Tristan is a beast on the boards so the Pelicans got something out of the deal but trading away your highest score is VERY suspect.  

This trade was bazaar but so was Durant’s move to Golden State. Lets not forget that TheRealTopDawg (Mavericks) is playing this Season! TheRealTopDawg won Season #3 with a bunch of bench warmers! A team may look good on paper but the PLAYER makes the team!

As far as moderation of trades goes, future trades will required admin approval to prevent ridiculous trade attempts. In this situation the trade was lopsided. It will be interesting to see what (if anything) the Pelicans (snoop_isthe_name) do this Season. As far the Cavs, GameAthlete analyst predict that Key_So_Retro and his Cavs still will not be able to clinch a title this Season with their power house of a team. You heard it here first….