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Boxing Community Eagerly Awaits Nextgen Boxing Game

It's been 6 years since the release of Fight Night Champion and the boxing community is eagerly awaiting. Fight  Night Champion was an in depth realistic boxing simulation that offered a solid single player mode and stellar multiplayer mode. The game was as close to flawless as you could image. Boxing

“It’s A Family Reunion” Seahawks head coach (BellyBuckz) to face his brother Browns head coach (SHOWTIME401BOXER) in Super Bowl #2

Congrats to BellyBuckz (Seahwaks) and SHOWTIME401BOXER (Browns) for reaching the season #2 Super Bowl! This game features the leagues best defense (Browns #1 in the league with only 2,111 passing yards allowed ) against the leagues most explosive offense (Seahawks #1 in the league with 37.6 ppg). What is even more interesting

The Anthony Davis Trade……

We're not even a week into Season #7 and the drama has already began.  Anthony Davis was traded from the Pelicans (Snoop_isthe_name) to the Cavs  (Key_So_Retro) for Tristan Thompson.  There are a few players in the league that are upset about this trade but after further review this trade still