General Rules

GameAthlete was created to give competitive sports video game players  an online canvas to perform. We have rules to ensure that our leagues run smoothly. We like to keep the rules simple but we have zero tolerance for people who intentionally violate them. Below is an overview of our General Rules which can be applied to all of the leagues that we host. Game specific rules are provided on each game league page.

1.) Be Active! We understand that we all have lives outside of the video game world but communication is the key to running a smooth league. If you cannot be available please communicate with the league commissioner or your opponent. Currently we use Facebook Groups  for communication.

2.) No intentional lagging or disconnecting. If your speeds are to slow for online gaming unfortunately we will have to drop you from the league. We track game stats so all games should be played to the finish. Quitting before the game is complete may result in being banned.
3.) Facebook groups will be the primary method of communication with opponents.  After you join a league for your convenience the admin of the league will maintain an updated contact list. Use this list to communicate with your opponent.


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