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Top 5 QB’s To Watch In Season #3

  1. Aaron Rodgers (Packers) – 39 TD’s – Rodgers lead the league in Season #2 with 39 TD’s. Will he be able to lead his team to a second Super Bowl title in Season #3?

  1. Brock Osweiler (Texans) – 37 TD’s – Coach SportsGamer2010 is not the player that we was a few Season ago. We predict that this QB will continue to put up impressive numbers in Season #3.

  1. Matt Ryan (Falcons) – 33 TD’s – The Falcons are always a threat in the air and we expect nothing different in Season #3.

  1. Andy Dalton (Bengals) – 32 TD’s  – Andy has been the silent assassin. Now that he is on the radar teams will look to make adjustments against the Bengals passing game in Season #3. We’re interested to see what type of numbers Dalton puts up this season.

  1. Andrew Luck (Colts) – 31 TD’s – Luck is a very dynamic QB who is very difficult to contain and we except to see this reflect in his Season #3 statistics.

GreenRanger_MSU sets a new passing record with 6,721 yards

GreenRanger_MSU set a new league record with 6,721 in the last Madden 16 season before the release of madden 17.

GREENRANGER_MSU6,7215 (madden 16)Lions
key_so_retro4,9413 (Madden 17)Cardinals
SportsGamer20104,1202 (Madden 17)Texans
memphispride9014,0592 (Madden 17)Packers
COUNTRY_BOI_844,0402 (madden 16)Bengals